Soulbyte for Friday August 28, 2015

To work toward loving kindness and compassion is as much the warrior’s goal as is being strong and focused enough to navigate through life with decision and precision. A warrior is soft and tender when appropriate but also knows when it is time to take a stand and be strong. A warrior is loving and gentle and yet is always keenly alert, aware that there are predators nearby seeking attention and attachment.

A warrior is full of gratitude, thankful for every day of life, yet a warrior does not fear the end of life. A warrior strives to accomplish great things in life, yet constantly seeks to shed the ego and the trappings of too much of the world, for a warrior knows there is nothing of this world that will last. It is all an illusion, but solid nonetheless, every day a test. And yet a warrior also knows that the biggest test is yet to come.

And so a warrior is always mindful to learn as much as possible in the flow of everyday life, keeping energy focused and aware at all times. A warrior is always ready to move on when the time is right, thankful for the opportunity to embrace new adventures and new life, thankful for the journey taken, ready for the journey ahead.

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