Soulbyte for Thursday August 27, 2015

A warrior is always responsible. A warrior does not leave others wondering or let people down. A warrior shows up. A warrior is committed, on time, and on the ball. A warrior seeks to be impeccable. If a warrior slips up, a warrior does not shirk from owning that fact, but states the truth.

A warrior knows that awareness is equally as important and valuable in reality as it is in spirituality, so a warrior uses the world to practice, hone, and carry out the attributes that are necessary for evolutionary growth, for a warrior knows that the world is but a mirror image of other worlds. A warrior is not fooled into thinking that this world does not matter or that once death comes there will be no more challenges.

A warrior knows that everything matters and everything counts, and so a warrior takes full responsibility for every word, action, and deed. A warrior is always practicing the art of being a warrior, day and night, inwardly and outwardly, in reality and in spirit. Always.

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