Soulbyte for Monday July 20, 2015

Life unfolding offers all that is needed. All that is to be faced will be found in its daily challenges. Reminders of who you really are will emerge as you experience all that life offers and all that life takes away.

To turn away from the rigors of life may offer temporary solace and much needed rest, but the warrior knows that to retreat completely from the wiles and woes of life is to stop evolving. Only in stepping into the full force of life does a warrior learn to grow, learn what it means to be kind, loving, and compassionate. And so, a warrior does not stand down from life but stands up to it, taking every day and every thing that happens as a lesson to be mastered.

Lifeā€”it’s all you need. For it contains everything that will take you forward to discovering the true self, the warrior self who knows that every day is a gift.

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