Soulbyte for Tuesday July 14, 2015

To keep the self in constant spiritual awareness takes work. It is not enough to decide that certain times will be spiritual times. Such times offer the beginnings of a regular practice, but one should be a spiritual being all the time. To achieve this is challenging and yet it is the journey the spirit seeks.

Returning awareness constantly to the heart center returns awareness to the spiritual seeker within, to the spiritual warrior self who constantly nudges us to remember and asks us to practice our compassions, our kindnesses, our loving duties to self and other from this place of deep feeling and emotion all the time.

Remembering who we really are—spiritual beings on human journeys—provides a memory of our far greater purpose. It is time to remember and be who we truly are all the time. Choose to change the journey through life into a practicing spiritual journey by remembering who you truly are all the time. Let the practice begin!

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