Soulbyte for Wednesday July 15, 2015

When emotions take over, it is time to look deep into the self. Who is to blame? Who is at fault for your aroused emotions, for how you feel? Like nature, emotions exist. Like nature they cannot be controlled. They arise like the sun. They pour like the rain. They rattle like the wind. And yet, a warrior learns that to tame emotions is to work with emotions, and to work with emotions is to discover just what it is that triggers them.

Emotions are valuable and necessary aspects of human life, and so a warrior befriends them and studies them, aware that they come out of necessity and are not to be dismissed but fully explored on the deepest level. To know the self is the warrior’s greatest charge. After that everything else will be known as well. For a warrior knows that mankind is the deepest and most complicated mystery of all of nature. And so the warrior is intent upon solving the puzzle of self, without self-importance but most humbly, knowing full well that all of nature is contained within.

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