Chuck’s Place: It’s A Matter Of Necessity

A masculine symbol... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
A masculine symbol…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Got into a heated argument on Independence Day. I maintained that, despite her lackluster performance thus far, it couldn’t be more appropriate that Hillary become the next President of the United States. Indeed, in part, I objectify and symbolize her, but I see it is time for the beleaguered feminine to come to power and cleanse itself from its distorted masculine wrappings, a necessary event in our transforming of the world. In my opinion, Hillary fits the bill! My debating partner was so incensed by my argument that he stopped just short of committing his vote to Jeb!

On Sunday, a far more meaningful Independence Day occurred. Greece, the birthplace of democracy, resoundingly rejected the Euro Zone’s “indentured servitude” referendum via popular vote. The beleaguered feminine has taken on the masculine greed.

The feminine is Gaia, the manifested world. It it because of the manipulation of Gaia, through the distorted masculine self-serving materialistic aims and games, that we find ourselves so dangerously out of balance.

Interestingly, the US Women’s Soccer Team emerged victorious the same night of Greece’s victory. Indeed, the feminist must and will come to power now to stem the tides of destruction and move us toward a new balance.

This morning, as Jan and I entertained Robert Monroe’s Ultimate Journey, we were led to his encounter with an eighteen-hundred-year-old human, still alive in human form, though Monroe met him on the astral plane. Monroe called the being Heshe, as his appearance reflected a moment to moment shifting of masculine and feminine, the ultimate balance. Heshe spoke of the role of being an organizer, a facilitator awaiting the time of necessity when change would not only be needed but would happen on a grand scale. “This will happen through recognized necessity, not through religions, race, or political beliefs, or force of arms.” Basically, Heshe explained that this would come about because the world would be in rough shape.

We are in that time now. Greece’s defiance, just like Iraq and Syria’s ISIS, is the rumbling of the ancient archetypes seeking change. Gaia herself is delivering the greatest blows in our rapidly changing physical environment.

The change that is coming is the Heshe of necessity. Human beings will become beings whose masculine spirit will serve the true heartfelt needs of the material feminine. Governance will transcend the selfish to arrive at the selfless. This is not about a world of unbridled caretaking and entitlement, of being overtaken by the feminine, but a natural merging of masculine and feminine. No one can be rescued from the challenges of their life, and we cannot be rescued either from the challenges of our time. We must all assume responsibility.

Heshe of necessity... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Heshe of necessity…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

On the other hand, the time of unbridled greed will have passed of necessity, simply unsustainable. This will offer the gateway for Heshe. And thus the ushering in of Hillary as President of the United States makes perfect sense.

Of course, I don’t know what will happen. As Greece has proven, you never know what choices will be made. But what is clear is that the feminine must be redeemed and assume its rightful role, come to equal power with its Heshe partner. It’s a matter of necessity, now more than ever.

Always optimistic,

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