Soulbyte for Thursday June 11, 2015

A warrior knows that opportunities for change are constant, and so a warrior does not sit around and wait for change to happen. Rather than be surprised by change a warrior prepares every day for the inevitable. And when the inevitable comes a warrior is ready to act because a warrior knows that to refuse would be foolhardy.

A warrior does not act impulsively but considers every move, for a warrior knows that choice matters. A warrior is proactive, for a warrior knows that the unfolding of events in life occur so that life’s path may be a growing path, a path leading always toward the inevitable. A warrior greets the inevitable with vigor and awareness, for a warrior also knows that there is no such thing as the “inevitable,” or a mistake. All is as it should be.

A warrior accepts that everything that comes arrives at the perfect time, and so a warrior is never overcome by the changes that life brings, but embraces them and uses them for advancement. A warrior is a warrior after all!

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