Soulbyte for June 2, 2015

Change is dynamic, alive, progressive, and in the moment. Thus, like synchronicities, change comes at the right time. To avoid being overwhelmed, or to avoid the old phrase that “things always happen to me,” remain alert. As adults it is these moments of change that allow conscious awareness to develop, the hallmark of the warrior. This is not about predetermination, destiny or fate. This is about taking full advantage of what each moment offers.

A warrior does not fall by the wayside weeping and feeling sorry. A warrior takes note of that which has occurred and finds a way to use it for advancement, consciously aware that in its very occurrence it presents something meaningful. And so, a warrior studies what happens and, like a good student of life, asks: Why is this meaningful for me at this time in my life? And then a warrior takes the time to find the answer.

In this manner, the warrior soon learns that every occurrence in life, bidden or unbidden, comes at the right time. In knowing this, the warrior’s conscious awareness is honed and ready to receive future changes with a keen sense of anticipation and eagerness, for a warrior knows that these are the pivotal moments of advancement, bringing insight, offering the right change at the right time.

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