Soulbyte for Wednesday June 3, 2015

A time of change naturally invites the opportunity for new insights, new behaviors and new adventures. Allow the changes in life, whether small and seemingly insignificant or large leaps of faith, to guide you forward. And yet constantly study your inner environment for signs of progress, for deeper insights, and for the clues that will tell you that you are going in the right direction.

To fear change is to fear life, and to fear life may lead to stagnation. Stagnation may lead to withdrawal, to obsession, to paranoia, and to unexpected occurrences of inner reality abruptly departing from outer reality.

To remain clear that change is inevitable and eventually good for you learn how to let go, not of the mental mind or the physical body, but of that which has you stuck; most likely such things as old rules, old ideas, old thoughts, old lies. Allow life itself, its natural progression, to guide you forward with clear mental mind and new energetic body-self, free to roam in conscious spiritual awareness.

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