Soulbyte for Monday May 25, 2015

Let no obstacles come between you and your goal. Let not regrets mar your vision. Let no new discoveries bar your way. Allow your life to unfold with your full participation rather than fear, reluctance, or avoidance. It will be what it will be, but where will you be? Participatory, openly engaged with it? Or failing to see that it is as it is for your benefit?

A warrior knows that life is a lesson-filled journey, one of ups and downs, and yet a warrior looks always for the lessons of truth in the lessons of life. A warrior knows that no matter what happens all will resolve, all will evolve, and all will change and change again. There is no end, there are only beginnings. And so a warrior is always ready to accept each day’s challenges because a warrior knows that all are necessary, that life will bring important changes and learning possibilities so that life may unfold and growth may occur.

A warrior accepts and greets all challenges as if they were long lost friends, for a warrior knows they come with only the best of intentions.

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