Soulbyte for Sunday May 24, 2015

In this time of turmoil, stand your ground. Remain firmly anchored in that which is true, knowing that such challenging times are agents, bringing changes that are perhaps unbidden and unexpected but profound and meaningful nonetheless. Ride through such changing times by bearing the tension and, without regret or remorse, finish unfinished business so that you may transform and move forward unencumbered and freed to take on life anew, with eagerness. Know that new life awaits all beings and that working through old issues and attachments will bring the freedom you seek.

Remain firmly grounded in your life, yet strive always toward new glories and new adventures. Go forward having left no unfinished business behind, renewed by the agents of change in your life, knowing that change is constant and change will come again. Something new and different will present itself soon enough and you will be ready to receive it because you have prepared yourself so well now during these times of turmoil and transformation.

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