Soulbyte for Thursday April 16, 2015

Each day is a new opportunity to set off in a new direction, to take the journey you have been putting off, to set off on your path of heart. A path of heart is a path that is not without obstacles but also is without obstacles, because nothing will get in the way. Once a path of heart is recognized and the journey of heart begun, the way will open, the work of life will flow, and the obstacles will be mere glitches, soon passed by without attachment.

Disturbances on a path of heart are seen for what they are and each day’s journey, rather than a constant chore, becomes a constant joy. To be alive and eager to enjoy the journey and to look forward with gratefulness and humbleness are the trademarks of a path of heart. Once you find it, you will have no doubts, for a path of heart knows no doubt. It is all heart!

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