Soulbyte for Wednesday April 15, 2015

Change may be instigated by what is happening outside you, but change can really only happen inside the self. That which is going on outside comes to guide, inspire, and incite. The catalyst to real change, however, comes from the desire of your spirit to be awoken and to become a participant in your life. Spirit belongs not only to you but to everyone, a shared being connected to your personal journey but equally connected to all that is, for in spirit nothing is personal, for the personal does not matter, only the journey to wholeness matters.

In turning focus inward, discover your personal secrets so that you may free yourself of them and free your spirit as well. Your spirit is your agent of change within, yet there is another part of you that must wake up to its call and join it on its journey. That part is consciousness. In becoming conscious of spirit and all that is, your life will change. Is this not what you seek, the change that will turn your life in a new direction? The change that will bring you your all?

All that you are, that you will be, exists within you at this moment. Your true potential is unlimited. Seek and you shall find. Ask and you shall receive. From your heart’s request will come your spirit’s reply.

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