Soulbyte for Tuesday April 14, 2015

Reconfirm your existence each day. You belong here. You are as worthy of life as every other creature. You matter. Make of your life an abundant journey, knowing that you make an impact upon the Earth and among all creatures by your every thought, action, and deed, by your every word. Your breath alone has impact.

Stand upon the Earth’s surface and accept your beingness, your integrity and your intelligence to live a life of meaning. Know that everything you do impacts everything else. Just as a rainy day impacts you, your moods and movements, so do you impact each day too as you move through it bringing it yourself.

Reconfirm your existence, your right to learn and grow, your very beingness and then align with the beauty and bounty of the natural world, reconnecting with nature to learn best how to proceed on your path of heart. When you walk in the world you walk upon the heart of the Great Mother and she embraces you. Do the same for her. Treat her with respect, knowing that just as she is your Great Mother so are you her child. She accepts your existence and wishes you only well.

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