Soulbyte for Monday February 2, 2015

Happy Groundhog Day! A good day to study our behaviors! As we are in the midst of a winter storm it looks like spring is a ways off, but the Soulbyte today suggests we plan for it anyway. The audio channeled message from Jeanne will be posted tomorrow, Tuesday, but here is today’s Soulbyte to start off a fresh week:

With tenderness, look upon the self and others as both fallible and infinite, as human and spirit, as terribly uncertain and keenly aware. This dichotomy of self, this wandering fool and this perfect magician that you all are, is where all that you seek and all that you will become merges to do the work of discovery. Within the self, do not blame or hate. Do not dismiss or overindulge. Do not demean or inflate, but instead take full responsibility for the raw truths of where you have been and who you are now, on this day. These raw truths offer you the material of your transformation, the secret formula by which you will grow and change.

Take charge of these raw facts of self, painful though they may be. Study, nurture, and provide them with all that they need so that from them you may grow your new self. You are all full of potential, contained within that which you were born with, the life you were born into, and that which you have evolved into so far. Just as you might wish for the new growth of spring and prepare seeds for spring planting, do the same for the self. Now is the time of planning, seeding, and tender nurturance of new potential. All that you are now, and all that you will be, is contained within the seeds of self. Take over these seeds and in your own creative way set about the seeding of new life for the self. Only you can do it!

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