Soulbyte for Sunday February 1, 2015

The answer to the dilemma of balance must be found within. To remain part of the world and yet maintain a spiritual practice is the crux of the dilemma that all must contend with at some point in life if one is on an evolutionary journey. This dilemma of balance is both critical and necessary, as well as a practical process. How much in the world is it necessary to be, and how much in the spiritual world is desirable? What is the perfect balance? For each individual, the weighing of this dilemma will be different and very personal. It is dependent on where one is in life, the deeper work already done, the work still to do, and the ever-present needs of the physical self in the physical world.

The best advice lies always within the self. Keep in mind that while you live upon that earth plane you must be part of life. If you did not need physical reality you would not be there. So, as you exist so must you challenge yourself to experience life as a physical being and all that that means. Do not restrict out of fear or reluctance, or overindulge either. Yet do accept yourself as a physical, emotional being with needs and desires. Entice and nourish this emotional being as much as you encourage your physical body to eat, exercise, sleep, and attend to the necessities of life.

Balance of the serious, the playful, and the spiritual is necessary for life to flow most naturally. Engage in life, for it may be your last chance, as you just might be evolving out of the physical realm into another realm. Give it all you’ve got!

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