Soulbyte for Saturday January 31, 2015

When faced with a decision, weigh all options. Ask the self to back down from judgments, of self and other, so that only the facts are laid before you. Ask the mind to stop its usual chatter, its usual condemnations, the usual things it tells you, so that you may sit in the silence of your knowing self. Present the options, the pros and cons, of your decision to your knowing self and then sit in the silence and wait. Important decisions deserve patience, so take the time to allow the silence of the knowing self to work through them, to embrace all that is, to sit and mull through all that is presented so that unadulterated clarity may be achieved.

Sit in the silence of the knowing self for as long as it takes for the right decision to rise to the surface and make itself known. It may not be the decision you’d automatically make. However, if the silence of the knowing self is allowed to do its work properly, it will clearly be the right one. The challenge then will be to act on it. For the betterment of all involved, proceed with kindness, knowing that a decision can impact many lives simultaneously. As you carry out the decision of your knowing self, stay connected to your knowing self and you will be provided with the compassion to act gracefully.

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