Soulbyte for Friday January 23, 2015

Think before you speak. And when you do finally speak, speak from your heart, letting go of all regrets and blame, so that your words are full of wisdom and grace. To be a compassionate person takes practice and mindful attention to what impact you will have. Words, especially, have impact. You may not know how another will interpret them, and so how you speak your meaning and intention must be clear and concise. Do not waste your words, simply talking to fill silence. Silence is the food of higher power, and the higher self is sustained by silence. Be reverent in moments of silence and patient as well. Let silence speak its own words of wisdom and then wait to see if you need to add anything. Let the energy of silence be your guide and mentor. Let it enter your heart and speak thoughtfully, with words of truth, wisdom, love, and compassion. In heart-centered speech will you know and experience the meaning of kindness, gentleness, and grace.

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