Soulbyte for Thursday January 22, 2015

When the moon is full and bright, what do you see? When the moon is new and only darkness greets you, what do you see then? Do you notice that whether there is moonlight or darkness does not matter, the deeper issues are equally present? Are your issues clear to you yet? Or are they hidden in the darkness of self?

The mind is a tool. If used properly it can aid you on your search for clarity of self and for greater meaning in life. If unattended, left to its own devices, it may only serve to confound you. Which type of moon is your mind, full and bright, shining clearly, or hidden from sight, working behind the scenes of awareness?

To hone the mind, no matter what moon phase it is in, is to take charge of your life. To become aware is the goal of the seeker. To know the self fully is the work of a warrior.

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