Soulbyte for Sunday January 18, 2015

What does it mean to be generous, to consider others first, to truly be kind? True generosity does not come from duty, from adherence to a contract, from a prescribed notion that one must be a certain way in order to attain enlightenment. Generosity has nothing to do with the laws of man or mind, but only with spirit. A generous spirit does not think or plan but acts unceremoniously, doing what it knows is right. Often ego will intercede and present reasons why it is good and necessary to be generous, but ego does not have what spirit has. Spirit knows something that ego does not; spirit acts purely on the laws of alignment with energetic reality, that which is not seen but is felt, and is known by no other name than love.

Love, on an energetic level, transcends all human related issues and takes one into the meaning of spiritual energy, the oneness of all beings. A generous spirit will always do what is right for the oneness of all beings, transcending what is right for ego self. In alignment with spirit, the world would run a little better and all beings would not only be equal but equally generous. Give generously in this manner of spirit and your own oneness of being will be experienced and enhanced, as well as reinvigorated, your path cleared and your spirit enlivened. It is the way to make a new kind of connection with your fellow human beings, on a deeper, different level. No need to speak of it; just act. That is spirit.

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