Soulbyte for Saturday January 17, 2015

To be openhearted is to release first the self of supposed issues, attachments, and concerns. I say “supposed” because in reality all that you are is energy, and so anything else that you perceive you are is construed by thought. Imagine your heart chakra is fully open, as wide open as a camera lens, as open as the full blooming daisy, as open as a door. In this openness exists the true you, without beginning or end, with only the constant flow of energy that you truly are. Give this openheartedness first to the self. Let go of all that keeps your heart closed, so that you may open your heart to all that you are part of. Give then this openheartedness to all beings equally. In this manner, you will begin to understand and experience love at the deepest level, on an energetic level. Through the open heart of you, and through the open heart of all other beings, love flows without disturbance, hinderance, or attachment; it simply is. Find your heart center and open it more fully today. Love the self so that you may love all other beings equally. In this manner you will discover true love.

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