Soulbyte for Sunday November 9, 2014

In understanding what it means to give and take you learn to move on. In acts of kindness and acts of deliberateness, in knowing when to give and when to take, you learn that to be natural and flowing you must be prepared to move on at times, and at other times you learn that it is time to sit still and be loving and giving. To know when it is time for either of these moves is to learn about life, to mature and fully own who you are, without attachment to your past and without doubt about who you truly are, to fully own the substance of your true self.

To fully own who you truly are is to mature into an independent human being, to take your life into your own hands and mold the self into the being you know you are capable of being, and who you really want to be. You are in charge of your own life. Take over and be your own mother and your own father; be complete in who you are, right now. And don’t forget to be tender, caring and loving of self and other. This is the best plan for maturity and progress, as you move forward without anger and regret. As within, so without.

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