Soulbyte for Saturday November 8, 2014

To be mindful is to be fully conscious of what you do in every moment. To be mindful is to be aware of all thoughts, decisions, and actions. To be mindful is to grasp the energy of life and use it to your advantage. Thoughts may intrude. Feelings may well up and hurt be experienced, ambivalence set in. Counter such intrusions with simple breathing.

Empty the mind and let calmness take over. Acquiesce to what is in the moment and let it carry you to the next moment. If you let the self know there is nothing to worry about the self will accept this premise. If you allow the self to be patient rather than impulsive, things will be revealed that you were missing. If you restrain from action and wait for the perfect moment your life will progress in alignment with nature.

The perfect moment will only arrive when you are ready, in a mindfully aware state of emptiness, readiness, and calmness. Prepare for this moment. Breathe and breathe and breathe. Empty the mind. Fill the heart. Wait.

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