Soulbyte for Friday October 10, 2014

Remain open to messages from your spirit. Continue giving breath so its life may flourish and become more clearly ascertained as living inside you, its desires and talents more fully realized and actualized. Who is this spirit self that you speak so often of, that you seek connection and union with? It is you without body and yet it is you in-body. You are a unit of two and as such each part must be given care and attention.

As you prepare your body to wake up and greet each day, do not send your spirit back to sleep but prepare it as well. It will give your body the energy and insight it needs and light your path if you give it what it needs. Attention and intention are required if you are to hone its presence and its skills. Breathe consciously and you will discover your spirit’s residence, its warm cave, its home in your body. Just keep breathing with awareness and feel your spirit breathe back, saying, “Yes, I am with you. I am you. We are good together. We are one. Let me live with you more fully now and all will be well.”

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