A Day in a Life: Get Your Flow On…Get Your Glow On!

I noticed this face at the back of the wood stove... with its glow on! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
I noticed this face at the back of the wood stove…
with its glow on!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

We’ve had some warmer days, hints of spring in the air. The snow is melting. I can actually see some brown grass and the earth that has been buried under two feet of snow for so long, now ready to receive some sunlight. The red wing blackbirds are back. The robins are mating. The bluebirds are flitting about. Nests are being constructed. There is movement in the air around us, stirrings of new life. It’s time for us to stir ourselves out of our winter habitats and habits. Time to get our flow on. Time to get our glow on.

During my recapitulation, I discovered that even a tiny physical shift could change my perspective, my attitude, my dreams. Simply rolling over in bed at night and sleeping on a different side or in a different position would often mean the difference between waking up in dark moodiness or light exhilaration. Not only that, but my dreams changed from nightmares to positive experiences, my mental outlook shifted, and my creative energy revved. Movement, I soon discovered was the main key to shifting my process in a new direction. Though I often felt that my recapitulation was in control, I discovered that I had plenty of control over my life in simply making a decision to move. Movement became a major factor in creating a new reality for myself.

From the time I was a kid, I noticed that when I was active I had better energy. Running around, playing tag, dancing, swimming, all caused my depression to lift and I’d feel alive. Soon however, I’d return to the sedentariness of my shyness, my perceived inadequacies and my sense of self-worthlessness. The glow dimmed as the depression swept in again and took me back into its numb world.

It took me years to even realize that I was depressed, and more years than that to realize that something else besides my own inability to be happy on command lay behind it. Now I view my past as my catalyst to new life, not in a negative way at all, but really a lifelong companion seeking to wake me up and get me moving. Now I move into the flow of life with renewed energy, with a far broader outlook. I see things differently now. I’ve got my flow on and where my depression used to be, my glow walks beside me now.

Made for walking! - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Made for walking!
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

Even in the darkest of winter and on the coldest of days, Chuck and I bundle up and take a walk, shaking up our molecules and getting our energy vibrating. The way we feel is directly tied to our physical bodies. We can partake in changing things for ourselves by paying attention to what happens when we sit and then when we move.

We can notice that when we’re sedentary our energy sits right down beside us and takes a break. But if we’re active, our energy pops right up and gets happier, more creative, has a fresher outlook on life overall. When we’re more active we begin to see things differently and life comes to greet us in a different way too.

Sometimes just getting some fresh air into our lungs is all we need to get us flowing more naturally and easily with what life brings us. And once we get ourselves moving, we do get our glow on!

Here is a link to the beautiful Melanie singing: Babe Rainbow

Looking forward to spring!

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