Readers of Infinity: The Between Times

Here is the weekly message from Jeanne. Have a great week!

Like the last daisy struggling to survive, we too must struggle to change... - Photo by Jan Ketchel
Like the last daisy struggling to survive, we too must struggle to change…
– Photo by Jan Ketchel

These are tenuous, between times. Shifts will begin to happen soon, if they haven’t already. Old ways will begin to fall away as new ways begin to assert themselves more fully, as they achieve a more firmly planted place in your life.

Remain focused on progress. Remain attuned to your heart’s desires and your heart’s path, for that is the path of change. On your path of heart find your glory and your balance, your calmness and your gaiety. Your happiness will naturally arise from your certain steps forward, as you learn who you are and who you are meant to be.

Look to the self to fulfill your deepest needs. Bring steadiness and love into your life through deep communication with the self. Seek your inner world a little bit more each day. Find your way inward, especially as you traverse these between times, for it is now that your greatest progress will be made, even as you may also have to face your biggest challenges. But that’s the beauty of it all! Only in difficult times will Life really grab you and say, “Come on! There’s so much waiting for you to experience and explore. Let’s find out what it’s all about together, but first you must know yourself at the deepest level or I will not find you the true companion I know you to be and our experiences together will not be as fulfilling as they have the potential to be.”

“I wait for you,” Life says. “I’m waiting for you, but do your inner work first. You won’t really know anything until you know yourself at the deepest level.”

Yes, life asks you to do inner work too if you are to experience all that you are capable of, all that life offers, and all that the universe provides.

Remember, you are all part of a greater interconnected whole, but to experience that you must know yourself on the deepest level. Otherwise, the greater interconnected whole is meaningless. Without a foundation within the self there is nothing of meaning to build on, no meaningful structure for greater awareness to come from and rely upon.

Life awaits within. It waits to greet you there and take you on the journey of a lifetime—whenever you are ready!

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