Readers of Infinity: Life Is Waiting To Receive You

I set my intent to channel and here is what I got from Jeanne for us today:

Once my intent to channel was set, I let it unfold...this is what I received from intent meeting me in return... -photo of handwritten channeling by Jan Ketchel
Once my intent to channel was set, I let it unfold…this is what I received from intent meeting me in return… -photo of handwritten channeling by Jan Ketchel

Postpone nothing. Live your lives to the fullest. Do not reject or turn away from what comes to you as your next step, challenging you to progress. Be open to what life offers you. Know always that you are being guided. These things must be kept in mind if you are to learn how to leave your fears, your old self, and old places that are no longer nurturing, behind.

The time to move on has arrived. Please note that moving on means remaining fully adult, aware of life to come as more fulfilling than the life you now feel stuck in. Moving on requires maturity, compassion, and kindness to others. Moving on requires taking full responsibility for the self. Moving on requires impeccability in all that you do.

Strive for perfection in your daily lives. Such striving brings new energy. It makes you gain, in so may ways, crucial skills and attributes that you will need for your new life ahead. As you move on, new challenges will come to greet you. Life itself will come to your door. You must be prepared to receive it to your fullest advantage.

Impeccability is individually centered, an inner knowing that you are doing your very best in any given situation without inflation or greed for anything in return. To be impeccable is to do your best because there is no reason to do any less, ever.

Give life your all and life will give you all in return. Keep this in mind when you tire. Keep this in mind when fears arise. Keep this in mind when old voices from the past speak out against your more fully embracing life as it comes to you. Keep this in mind as you dare yourself to more fully embrace life and move on.

Life is unfolding, won't you too? - Photo of daffodils emerging by Jan Ketchel
Life is unfolding, won’t you too? – Photo of daffodils emerging by Jan Ketchel

This day is a day of newness, of energetic importance; a day of transition. Make the most of it. Make it be important on an inner level as well as an outer level. You may see it unfolding in transitory fashion in your outer life—one thing leading to another—but notice how your inner world responds as well. Let impeccability, maturity, detachment from the old, and compassion be your stability and your sobriety, as you take full responsibility for yourself and take the next step into your unfolding life.

Life is waiting to receive you. You just have to take the first step out of an old self and an old place, and into a new self and a new place. This opportunity is available every day, at all times. Sometimes it is more energetically apparent; at other times you have to work to discover it. Today, however, it is easily within your grasp.

Let yourself be open today. Look around you and you will notice that something is asking you to tend to it with impeccability. Go tend to it.

Be impeccable and life will meet you with equal impeccability and lead you onward. New life always awaits!

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