Note to Our Readers

Chuck takes the opportunity to write a second blog this week—posted below—in order to free up Jan’s time for the final work on preparing her next book, the second year in The Recapitulation Diaries series. The Edge of the Abyss will be published in 2 volumes. Volume One is near completion and will be released in paperback as well as Kindle format. We will let you know as to availability in the upcoming weeks.

The Edge of the Abyss continues Jan’s personal process of recapitulation, filled with, yes, those gritty details but also plenty of magical encounters and experiences in dreaming and waking life. As she takes her journey to freedom, the intent of recapitulation clearly and quite remarkably meets her own intent to change.

As many of you already know, Jan’s books are not self-help. They are realistic portrayals of what it means to take a deep inner journey with intent to change. They are memoirs of the most poignant kind; real, deeply intimate, and often challenging, but full of wisdom and insight that could only be gained in the unfolding of the journey itself. They are books about a healing journey, illustrating the value of undertaking a shamanic process of recapitulation in combination with psychotherapy as a means of total healing from severe, life-inhibiting trauma. They show how one woman gained back her power and learned how to truly live.

Readers have found everything from comfort and validation in her journey to the incentive to take their own deeply challenging journeys. Many others have gained valuable insight into and greater understanding of what victims of sexual abuse have endured and continue to endure from the lifelong effects of early trauma. For the professional, Jan’s process is an invaluable guide to an alternative treatment that goes far beyond what is currently offered.

We will keep you informed,
-Chuck and Jan

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