Readers of Infinity: It’s Time To Change

Today I asked Jeanne to show us something important for now. Here is her response:

There are many methods of change... do what resonates... Photo by Jan Ketchel
There are many methods of change… do what resonates… Photo by Jan Ketchel

Now is the time of great unfolding. By that, I mean that life will progress as it is set to until conscious shift is made. This refers to the lives of individuals, as well as nations and the entire universe. Energetically, you have already been swept into a process and as it is now so will it continue, until each one of you makes a concerted effort to change yourself in some deep and meaningful way.

The message for today is to take responsibility for the self. Investigate your personal life—looking for the mundanity, the repetitiveness—and the lack of energy that it gives you. Make it clear to yourself just what it is that you would like to keep in your life and what you know must go. Then begin a methodical shoring up of the good and letting go of the bad. Methodical is the key word here, not the likes or dislikes. Methodical implies diligence and attention, a method by which you elect to change yourself and the discipline you apply. There are many methods of change. I do not have to enumerate them. You know them already. Pick the method that works for you and do it impeccably. Do it in the unfolding of your everyday life.

It’s time to change. It’s time to really change yourself so that everything else around you can change too. This is absolutely possible. Everything will change if you begin to change yourself. Take my word for it—it works!

Change yourself; change the world! Those words have truth and power in them. I suggest you give it a try and then thank yourself for daring to break through the impasse that now holds you captive.

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