Readers of Infinity: Constant Reawakening

Here is Jeanne’s message for today, channeled most humbly. May it be helpful and informative.

The seeker's intent... Photo by Jan Ketchel
The seeker’s intent… Photo by Jan Ketchel

Constant reawakening is necessary if one is to take a deepening journey, if one is to make a life that is truly fulfilling, taking in all aspects of self. Constant reawakening is necessary to truly evolve.

How do we do that?

Become more familiar each day with the inner self, with the layers of the true self beyond the outer layers, beyond the person you are or strive to be in the world. Worldly success will only come, in a meaningful way, if one acts from the heart—keeping in mind both the deeper truths of the human condition and the higher potential of all human beings.

Seek within the self to fully grasp and understand the different parts of the self. Pay attention to your true voice, the one that you know is speaking the truth but that you often elect to dismiss and do as you please. This often leads to failure, disaster, or trouble that you would not otherwise encounter. In order to listen and act on the advice and knowledge of the true self, one must be prepared to forego what the ego or needy self desires. It requires maturity and discipline if one is going to tame the human beast and learn how to act and react from a deeply private and truthful place.

It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to study the self in a deep and meaningful way. It’s okay to say, “No, ego-self, not today. Today we need to say no to the pulls of the outer world and just be calm and introspective. Today we need to be okay with what is. It’s okay to be alone today.”

A process of constant monitoring of self, weighing inner and outer needs, and remaining constantly aware of which part of the self is making the decisions in life will lead to constant reawakenings.

Who is making your decisions today? Slow down, take a minute to listen and find out, then decide if it’s the right voice, for the right reason. Act more frequently from your heart, for yourself and your world. That is how to constantly reawaken.

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