Readers of Infinity: Storm Energy

Dear Jeanne,

What message of guidance do you have for us today, on this day of a great storm in the Northeast?

Remain the calm eye in the storm…

Welcome new energy into your lives, for this is the gift of storm energy. As it whisks away debris and untethered objects, so does it have the capability of doing inner clearing as well.

Prepare for change. Prepare to be surprised. Prepare for things to be different. In preparation remind the self often that change is good, change is necessary, change offers new opportunity.

Be calm in the midst of storm. Be grounded in spirit no matter what evolves outwardly. Be of calm mind, knowing that the material world has little importance in the grand scheme of things, that demise of tangible goods is normal and expected, that if the time has come for demise then the time and the demise are both right.

Do not look for explanation of events outside of the self, but turn always within. With calm mind and calm spirit, still the body, and meditate upon the storm within as you are confronted by that which comes to greet you. Whether it be fear, sadness, loss, or pain, find the real reasons for its presence within the self. No amount of storm damage will change anything if you do not allow it to impact you within.

If destruction comes into your life, find its necessity and its revelatory aspects, asking it to keep changing you in the myriad ways you need. Accept what comes without blame or judgment. Accept life, the inner and outer dimensions of it, as naturally unfolding in the direction that is now most appropriate.

If change comes, then know that change was needed. Be aware of inner self at all times. Read your own energy, even as you read the outer energy, even as you track the progress of the storm. Do inner work, asking the self the many questions that deserve answers: How do I feel? What do I fear? Who am I? Why am I here now? Why must I experience this?

The answers to all your questions do not blow in on the wind. The wind brings the questions, posing them as it buffets you from all directions, but the answers lie in the depths of your soul. Use this storm energy wisely and you will flourish. Be the calm eye in the midst of the storm. That is how to weather all causes of disturbance. That is how to experience outer change and innerly investigate the deeper self.

Anchor in calmness. After storm, do not pick up where you left off, but pick up where you find yourself and in acceptance move on.

Thank you, Jeanne! And good luck to everyone during this storm energy.

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