Readers of Infinity: In Containment Of Self

In containment is new growth possible...

In containment does one learn the deeper lessons of the self. If one but turns inward and allows for truths to surface, one will face both the best self and the worst self. Yet such encounters will teach the true lessons in life, the lessons that all must hear in order to evolve.

It is not a punishment but a liberation to hear the truths of the self spoken in this manner. It is not a chore but a joy to encounter the deeper self and all aspects of that deeper self. It is not painful but freeing to face all that one is made of and know the depths of the self so fully that nothing remains a mystery.

In knowing the self so fully, one becomes an open channel for new adventures in life. One becomes empty, and detached from that which binds the soul to eternal misery, and fully available for other work. But first the inner work must be deeply sought after and fully accomplished. In containment of self is this possible.

Sit with the self daily and contend with the inner world that reveals itself. Release and relief will come to aid you if you let it, and then you will begin to notice the work of the self having effect, taking hold, revealing the mysteries that now puzzle you and keep you constrained.

Seek refuge in containment of self. That is where freedom from everything lies. In sickness and in health turn inward and ask to be shown the truth. Be patient as you wait for your inner process to get underway and gain momentum. Stay with it. Your rewards are plenty.

Thank you Jeanne and all of our guides in infinity. Channeled with love, by Jan.

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