Readers of Infinity: Transformation Time

Have no regrets as you move on into new life now, for regrets belong to an old world. Regrets form binds that will hold you fast to places you no longer belong in. Regrets do not belong to the fleet-footed, spirit-driven beings, or in the transitory energy of now, which asks for acceptance of the truths of the self.

Change. We noticed the toad came out from underneath the umbrella stand today where it has lived for months now. Wonder what it means?

This is a time of transformation. Sometimes transformation comes in unusual forms, circumstances and events, planned or unplanned. Real transformation, however, is truth spoken loud enough that you hear it and act on it. It may create chaos in your life, but know that such chaos may be necessary, for chaos carries the energy of change in its debris. In facing the chaos, one learns to discern what is of value and that is what this time of transition asks of all of you who reside upon the planet earth: What is of value to you?

Decide this as you elect to move forward. Whether because you have prepared well, fully in alignment, or whether your transition comes as a surprise, it doesn’t matter. There is something to be learned about the self and then there are lessons and things of value to carry into new life. Decide what is most important and in alignment with the truths so clearly revealed. And then, without regret—but in full awareness, taking full responsibility for every step you take—move into new life.

This energy is good energy. It will take you far if you are ready to meet it. It is new, while the old is old and will remain so without change. All that you have planned for now has the potential to be fulfilled, but really it’s up to you to take it on, in full awareness, fully committed, fully knowing that you are accepting real change and the energy of such change, which, as you know, can be uncomfortable. It’s a new game now and it’s your choice whether you want to play or not. Are you ready?

Work with where you find yourself. Take one step at a time, consciously aware that you are moving forward into new life. Be alert. Be present. Be disciplined and take full responsibility for every decision and action. Remember, it’s your life.

Without regret, fully embrace your journey, knowing that you alone are responsible for all that you encounter. But know also that all that you encounter is necessary and good.

Go in peace. Follow your calm heart. That is all you really need to guide you, so give it the attention it needs. Take time to listen to its inner truths and concerns. Accept the challenges it puts before you, knowing that such times of transition are paramount to growth.

Be thoughtful and kind to the self and others. And pay attention to the outer signs that come to guide you as well. Be alert for the next one. It will come soon.

Thank you to Jeanne and Infinity! As I channeled, I got the distinct sense that change now is inevitable. We are all facing it on some level. What we choose to do with this knowledge is what matters. Sending Love and Good Luck,

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