Readers of Infinity: No Life in Regret

Today, I asked Jeanne for guidance and here is what she offers us as we begin a new week:

The golden light of a new world shines every day. See it?

Do not lose the self in regret, for there is no life there. Work through decisions made, choices, actions, and events in your lives—those self-imposed and those imposed by nature, the universe, and the actions of others—and, taking your lessons forward, keep moving into new life.

The world is changing too fast now. Are you going to be part of a new evolution revolution? That is really the only choice to make now. Such an evolution begins inside the self, in deciding whether or not you are ready to move on into new life, for that is what revolution offers: The opportunity for new life!

A personal revolution must precede external revolution. Though outer energy of revolt may precipitate a personal awakening, there will be no long-term impact in a positive direction if individuals do not elect to revolt within the self.

Revolt within the self takes many forms, but I suggest that a personal revolt be kindly and gently considerate of the self, but firmly imposed, that it be acquiesced to, documented, and processed with intent, as you remain always fully aware that it is taking you on a path leading to new life. This is the most long-lasting and evolutionary form of change.

As I have spoken of many times over the past decade: Change is here, present and active, but maturity and fearlessness must accompany an evolutionary change if you are to truly grow.

What do you truly seek in your personal life? What voice inside you speaks, asking to be heard? Who inside you wants to live?

As you ask these questions of the self, look at what holds you back and question it. Be truthful and deeply honest with the self as you ask: Is it real? Does it exist in reality, or is it something cogitated by the mind, placed there long ago? Did someone else plant an idea inside you that is keeping you stuck?

When I speak of moving on into new life with no regrets, I speak of severing all ties to old ideas of the self, to that which arouses fear and badness, guilt and pleasure alike. Learn to let go and find new life and new energy on your own terms now. This is what life itself requests at the turn of this new century.

The revolutionary energy of change is in constant flux; it does not hesitate, but remember that it is also ever-present, just waiting for your own circumstances to intersect it. When you are ready it will receive you. All you have to do is recognize it, tap into it, and go with the flow of it.

Are you ready now? Begin with asking that question, for it would be foolhardy to leap into such energy unprepared. Know the self deeply and with sobriety and maturity, taking full responsibility, decide how you wish to live in a rapidly changing world. No matter what choice you make, go into your life without regrets, for there is no life, no evolutionary energy, in regret.

Thank you to Jeanne for this message today!

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