Readers of Infinity: Change Is A Constant

Dear Jeanne and all of infinity that guides and shows us the way: What message do you offer us today?

Here is the reply from Jeanne and the Universe:

Like the shadows on the wall, change is a constant.

All of you who struggle—as most people do with some problem or issue at one time or another—do not despair nor turn your back on the process before you. Change is inevitable.

I encourage all of you to keep in mind that life does not stop because you declare it too much to handle. No, life will keep at you until you either break or shut down to its urgings. But know that either way, life will continue, for it is a constant.

Your pains will ease as you confront them, but they will remain active in one way or another if you refuse them. If you answer the call of your spirit, you will be rewarded with never-ending new discoveries about the self and the life you live. If you constantly refuse to participate in what life itself has handed you, with interest in evolving, your energy will be usurped by your refusal.

I must state once again: Life is all about change. It is about accepting the inevitable truth that change happens. It is about learning to regard change as your most valuable life companion. It is about letting change outside of you change you on the inside. It is about using the changes in your circumstance to guide you and show you your deepest issues, truths, and needs. It is about accepting change as necessary for personal growth.

Change asks you to question it for its personal meaning. And remember this: Everything is meaningful.

What has changed for you lately?

Can you stay in that place of change and then move the next step, going more deeply into it?

Can you accept that you have no control and then allow your reluctant self to let go a little bit more?

Can you begin to embrace the inevitability that change is upon you, has you firmly in its grip, is holding you tightly already?

Can you dare to allow yourself to be taken into new life?

This is where you are now: on the road to new life. In reality that means that, yes, everything is going to change even more. It’s frightening, but it’s also invigorating you with a new kind of energy. You may never have experienced this kind of energy before and so it may seem overwhelming, but if you can allow its intensity to carry you forward you will be mighty surprised.

I suggest to you all: Let go into new life. One step at a time let yourself be guided by life itself. It is ready to meet you at a new level of awareness and involvement.

It’s up to you. You must each ask the question: Do I fight or do I go? Either way, things are already changing.

Good Luck! And welcome to the energy of now that does not wish to stop. Its path of destruction leads to new life, to better life, to evolving life for each one of you, and the world at large.

Acquiesce and go far now, My Dears. Find your path and stick to it. Listen to your heart and let your head rest awhile, until you have found your footing. Even in going forward blindly you are led in the right direction; and sometimes it’s better that way.

And remember, whatever path you take will be the right one. You will learn and grow from your choices and the experiences you encounter. Know always the truths I have long been speaking of: Change has already happened; change invites you forward; change is your new life companion.

Ask it to guide you.

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