Readers of Infinity: Anchor in Truth

I go deeply quiet, into my inner space, into the familiar silence of my inner world. I open to guidance, to hearing the truth, asking only for that which is most important at this moment. I receive the following guidance, which I share with you:

Who is the shadow self? This too is the truthful self.

Go calmly forward now; planting each step firmly, taking the journey that unfolds. It is not enough to be determined and ready. One must also be calmly anchored and aligned with the truth of why one takes the journey that one elects to take.

Remind the self to take full responsibility for the personal journey. There is no room for blame. There is no room for sadness. There is only room for truth in the reality of now. This is the journey now before you.

Investigate the self deeply. Allow no other to enter or find anchor in the inner process of exploration. Inhabit the inner process alone, only the truths of the self present. Without judgment or condemnation of self or others, turn to the true knowledge that this is indeed your journey to take.

Reaffirm your commitment to self, to growth and change, but above all to completion of this journey. When it is done, you will find a new path, a new journey awaiting your first step, waiting to receive you with open arms.

You belong where you find yourself today. Be open and aware, aligned with what is right. Anchored firmly to inner truth, you will find the guidance you need. The answers lie within, calmly waiting to receive you.

Like one pool of calm water flowing into another, receive and merge with the knowledge of self as a journeyer without end. Embrace the rightness of the journey you take today and look forward to tomorrow. Each day offers greater awareness, and that is good!

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