#777 Balancing Heaven & Earth

Written by Jan Ketchel with a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

I asked Jeanne for guidance this morning and this is what she advises for this week:

Get in alignment. Find out what that means for you at this time in your life and seek to maintain that alignment, balancing heaven and earth. For greater awareness of self tune into your bodies, My Dear Ones.

Your bodies are your vehicles, carrying all your needs but also all your issues. In knowing the body self in the deepest way, but paying attention to its messages over all others will one find the answers one seeks. The body must be the first aspect of self that seeks alignment for if body self is not in balance then spirit self will find no habitat in which to grow and mature, in which to reside and live out life to the fullest.

Seek balance

Find balance each day and each night. Find body self. Listen to what body self speaks of. Go deeply into its demands and ask it why. Do not fear the answers, for they are but your spirit asking you to find it. Go beyond the physical by paying attention and tending to the physical self first, so that spirit may take up residence in a well-tuned and well-prepared vehicle in which to take the journey that truly lies ahead.

You are all on journeys of meaning. Just what that might mean for each of you will be perfectly clear as you do your inner and outer work. Do not hesitate to be what your spirit self desires you to be. In the right circumstances you will be met with gratitude.

Be open, loving, compassionate and kind to the self and you will have conquered your greatest obstacle. Begin with awareness of self as the perpetrator and the healer, holding all you need. The only thing to work on at the moment, as I said, is to constantly maintain balance in all things.

Watch what you eat and drink. Get plenty of rest and relaxation. Find moments of quiet and moments of entertainment. Beware of rigidity and too little but also beware of too much. And yet, if you need to have too little or too much of anything, you will find that out. All must struggle with what life throws in front of them, but keep in mind that life does not wish to halt your progress, only to challenge you to keep going.

So, I say: Keep going, finding the balance that is right for today. And then seek new balance tomorrow. Eventually you will understand and know the feel of right alignment. Keep always in mind the most important goal: Finding the true meaning of your personal life in balance with the true purpose of all life, which is to discover the true self, the spirit, energy self in balance with physical self as you learn all you need in order to evolve.

Your life now offers you everything you need to take the next step in your journey. You will only know what that is and where it will lead by taking it. You will learn what you need.

Quiet daily beginnings will aid in alignment. Find centering time each day and reassert that centering throughout the day. Pause often to remind the self to get in alignment, balancing heaven and earth in calmness, no matter what else is happening in your life to teach you how to live. Always find the next best thing to do to grow. Seek that!

Thank you, Jeanne!

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