#771 Experience Fluidity

Written by Jan Ketchel with a channeled message from Jeanne Ketchel.

Once again Jeanne speaks of the importance of understanding ourselves as energy, but this time in order to reach a new kind of balance in our lives. Here is the conversation I had with her during today’s channeling, an energetic act to be sure. She starts out by saying:

“I am a being who is going to die, but first I must truly live. Sound familiar?” she asks.

“Yes, it does,” I reply. “The first part comes from the Seers of Ancient Mexico and the second part is what I used to tell myself in an effort to fully embrace life without reluctance and being inhibited by fear, at one time my faithful companion. Why do you offer us this statement today?”

“Between these two extremes of death and life,” she says, “one must find the balance necessary to maintain presence in your world. Balance is the key.”

“Yes, I understand that,” I reply. “To think about death all the time is moribund and to focus only on living life to the fullest is perhaps irresponsible. Is that what you mean?

Life and death in the energy of the hive.

“In a sense,” she says. “First one must, in order to achieve balance while in your world, be reminded of death on a daily basis. But this does not need to come in a moribund way, but as a natural part of life. Just as nature decays and changes daily so do human beings need to face their own changing selves. Just as the animals live with death always present so does man, though he chooses to pretend otherwise. Death is as natural as life. Death is life. They are the same state, both are states of energy.”

“In discovering and pondering what it means to constantly be in a state of energy is what must be learned and understood. Only in complete acceptance of the self as an energetic being will one be able to accept the natural consequences of life and death as two similar aspects of being.”

“Yes, you are a being who is going to die. Yet are you an energetic being—always. In life as in death are you thus. Can you now find a sense of balance in your existence?” she asks.

“Yes,” I say, “but I feel it differently when I consider myself only as energy. Then I’m fluid, but most of the time I’m human, weighty, full of the things of human existence. But when I’m fluid, everything, every situation is of similar quality. None is more intense or powerful than another, all situations, life and death included, ease gently into each other so they are no longer separate states but the same. That’s how I experience it. Is that what you’re getting at?”

“All states of being,” Jeanne replies, “are the same. All beings are the same: states of energy. As you experience, all states of energy are similar, thus your awareness, if reminded of this often enough, may free you to live a more balanced life more often. You can be energetically balanced, energetically unafraid, energetically more fluidly alive, right now.”

She goes on to say: “Remain attached to the concept of the self as an energetic being in constant flux. In fluidity is there acceptance of self and others. In fluidity is there acceptance of all states of being, including the self out of balance. All humans must struggle with balance. It is part of being human. All humans must struggle with thoughts that bind, dismiss, doubt, and fear. Thoughts even fear their own loss. Thoughts alone, however, do not exist except in the mind. They are trapped energy. Once released into the energy of balance, into the fluid energy of all things they no longer hold power or import.”

“I ask you all, My Dear Readers,” she instructs, “to let the self go into an experience of fluidity today and at least once each day for the rest of your lives. Train yourself to let go of your fears of death, your fears of life, your fears of failure, your fears of the self and your fears of others. Experience a moment of fluidity, however brief, of the self freed of human form. With nothing attaching you to that world, allow a complete letting go.”

“And how do you achieve that, you might ask? Free yourself by feeling the self as energy. Nothing matters at this moment. Nothing holds you to your mind’s busy work. Nothing attaches to you, for you are fluid energy, the same as all beings—fluid, balanced, eternal energy. That’s who you really are!”

“Take that knowledge into your day, practice it, use it to anchor you and remind you that you are a being who is going to die, but first you must truly live—as energy!”

Thank you Jeanne!

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