#767 Visitors of Awareness

Here is a message from Jeanne channeled by Jan as we go into a new week, as we struggle to remain aware that we are more than what we appear to be, that we are all more than meets the eye. On this day Jeanne asks us to remember that we have two sides to ourselves, that we are inner and outer beings. In awareness of this will our journeys be more fulfilling and balanced. It’s often hard to be innerly aligned while we are so outerly focused. Today’s message reminds us of the greater need to accomplish a new level in this struggle for balance, for ourselves and for our environment.

Here is what Jeanne says:

Busy Bee

Be aware now of nature’s wish for fulfillment and for sustenance and respect for all beings to become aware. Be now as nature is, as Mother Earth, more fully accepting your place of learning upon her earthen floor. Use your time there wisely in alertness, studying more closely all that she provides and shows you on a daily basis for she holds everything you need for your outer self while you hold everything within that you need for your inner self.

This is most important now: arrive at unity within and without. Become more aware and more balanced each day in yourself and in your world. I cannot stress this more. The world needs you and you need it.

Be sensitive beings, good visitors of awareness, respectfully treading upon your planet environment and you will find all that you need.

Thank you Jeanne!

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