Chuck’s Place: Discovering Intent

Long ago, I was drawn to the adventures, practices and cognitive world of the Seers of Ancient Mexico. The energetic wave of that once closed world was reformatting to be of relevance to a new era as ushered in by the published works of Carlos Castaneda in the 1960s. The value of the tools from that ancient world are critical as we navigate our now rapidly changing world.

I have little use for words such as trust or belief unless they are based upon personal experience that supports them. At heart, I am a scientist. I cannot know something unless I know it through actual experience. Nonetheless, as Carlos Castaneda suggested in his thirtieth anniversary commentary in The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, our intellectual allegiance—what I would call resonance—sets off powerful undercurrents that effect a transformation in our perception and experience of life.

In simpler terms, concepts, even words themselves, can energetically transform us, but we must discover this for ourselves. What generally inhibits this transforming experience is the allegiances we bear based on our socialization.

If our socialization tells us that it is irrational to believe that stating our intent will lead to a major change, we simply won’t do it. In fact, we might instead spend our energy vigorously defending the absurdity of such a practice. From my own experience, however, I know that stating an intent is the most powerful tool of change.

When someone approaches me, in my formal role as an agent of change, we explore their intent to heal or change. I explain that that intent will manifest. It is not my intuitive powers that will guide the journey; my role is to track the energy of that intent. Intent is the guide.

Often my initial task is to ask my client to suspend judgement and experiment with this working hypothesis: everything they need they have within. Intent is now steering the process. Let’s gather the data and, like true scientists, see what happens.

The data comes in the form of synchronicities, dreams, encounters of everyday life, intuitions, thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, long forgotten experiences, etc. Everything is potentially meaningful; all is gathered and examined.

What we discover, over and over, is that intent is indeed an intelligent force that leads to its fulfillment. We cannot predetermine the course that journey will take; our challenge is to track it and stay on its unfolding trail unencumbered by doubt and worry.

Intent has proven to be the most valuable tool to effect deep healing and transformation. So simple, so accessible, but requiring of a truly scientific attitude of experimentation to discover: INTENT!

Calling intent,

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