Keep Passing It On

Dear Readers and Fellow Journeyers,

Today, we end this year’s blogging with a note of love and appreciation to all of you who read our work, who seek personal transformation, who pass on the messages from Jeanne, the contents of our writings, and the spirit imbued in this website: energetic intent, freed of commercialism and monetary gain.

How we elect to live our lives effects everything else. How we choose to challenge ourselves sends a message to the universe that we are or are not open to the energy that is seeking us in return.

Gift the self by seeking change. Challenge the self to be honest, truthful, open and impeccable in the face of personal confrontation. With gentleness and love go into the New Year. It awaits, prepared to be evolutionary, revolutionary, energetically charged with opportunity, possibility and guidance.

Happy Holidays! Be safe. Be strong. Be tender. Be loving with the self and others. Life is meant to be what it is: energy in action. Pass it on.

We take a break over the next week and will return on January 3, 2011 with something new.

Love and good wishes to all,
Jan and Chuck

One thought on “Keep Passing It On”

  1. Dear Jan, Chuck and Jeanne,
    A profound and humble “THANK YOU” for all of your guidance. It is a precious gift!

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