A Day in a Life: Lessons Learned

While I diligently and with a dogged sense of purpose went about a shamanic process of recapitulation of my earliest years, I was often presented with experiences in other worlds. In the beginning, I was more or less thrown unwittingly into many experiences that I could neither explain nor fathom; they were so otherworldly at times that I often came away from them steeped in both awe and fear. But all I really had to do was take them to my weekly shamanic sessions with Chuck and he would very soberly and kindly explain my experiences in the pragmatic terms of the world of the seers of ancient Mexico. As time went on, and I learned more about the seer’s world, I volitionally entered into experiences in an effort to gain greater clarity of my personal journey but also to more fully understand how the seer’s world could work for me in everyday life. In fact, I began to develop a hunger for the magic that I thought I could only find within that world.

Perhaps the biggest magic that I engaged and cultivated was the connection I developed with Jeanne. She was present from the onset of my recapitulation journey, though I was not fully aware of the reason why. I learned to trust her guidance implicitly. As I ventured into recapitulation and into experiences that could only be described as paranormal, she kept me very anchored in this world, always pressuring me to stay grounded and focused on taking life one step at a time.

In the channeling blog on Monday I introduced six practical steps that Jeanne stressed to me over and over again as I went through my recapitulation process. I think they are still some of the simplest and most useful steps in living a life of grounded awareness. Her advice was often not that profound, things I intuitively knew, but when in the midst of crisis or when undergoing the stresses of personal transformation her words often seemed like manna from heaven.

I repeat here the six practical steps I mentioned previously and then offer a few more:

1. Stay in form (good physical shape).

2. Rest.

3. Allow for flow and take one step at a time.

4. Stop thinking so much.

5. Everything will work out the way it’s supposed to.

6. Learn detachment.

One day, while trying to get my bearings around some issues that just seemed too overwhelming to handle, including my car that needed some work, I pleaded with Jeanne to help me. She suggested, very pragmatically, that I make a plan. Here are her words:

Make a plan to deal with your problems, even if it doesn’t feel like a complete and right plan, just begin the first step and it will begin to take on a life of its own, but nothing will happen if you ignore the problems. They won’t go away nor will they change. They will sit there like the car in your driveway, like a big gray elephant that you know you have to take care of. Deal with it. The longer it sits there, the more energy drains from you because of it.”

She told me to stop pushing myself so hard, to stop overworking to the point of exhaustion and she told me to breathe:

“Remember your breath. It sustains you and you know how important it is. Find your breath and move the tiredness out of your body with each exhale and bring in new energy and life with each inhale.”

She also stressed that dreamtime was as significant as waking time:

You need to keep your dream paths open for more productive dreaming. That’s why you are so tired today, you didn’t rest last night, your problems fed and leached into your dream paths, stealing away your time of peace. Don’t let this happen. Your dreamtime is as important as your waking time.”

In reference to the above statement about dreamtime she also said:

Pass this on. This is another chore I am giving you in this time of indecision: to pass along the things I tell you in order to keep open your channels, night and day.”

“Take care of yourself by dealing with the difficulties that arise in your life,” she went on to say, “and do it all in a calm and steady, one-step at a time manner. The answers will come to you. You don’t even need to try that hard. Do what seems natural—the thing that comes to you in a calm moment. Slow down and things will begin to happen.”

She told me to stop trying so hard to figure my life out, but to just flow with it, that it was already laid out for me, I just had to learn to acquiesce to the unfolding of it.

I’m not giving you riddles,” she said. “The only riddle is being able to recognize what is right before you.”

She was right you know; everything was already laid out. In moments of deep meditation and recapitulation and during many Embodyment Therapy sessions, I saw everything laid out. I saw the past, already done, laid out in ancient times, as was the future too, long before I ever existed. I saw this future, my current life, though it seemed but a dream, and I even saw beyond this time. I saw paintings I had yet to paint, I saw books I had yet to write. I saw people I had yet to meet, and I saw lives I had yet to live. Some of those paintings, forgotten in the split second that I glimpsed them, did get painted and some of the books have been and are being written. At that moment of insight, I knew I just had to choose to live out what was before me. I had to choose life!

I have met many new people in my new life and even though I have gone on to become a purveyor of advice myself sometimes, I still pay attention to the words of guidance that I received from Jeanne when I felt like I was drowning in crisis after crisis. In quiet moments of calm, I know that they are still, in their simplicity and practicality, some of the soundest words of advice I have ever heard. And they work in the seer’s world too, for really that is where they come from.

I offer these words of guidance, because, as Jeanne told me back then, this was going to be one of my jobs, to pass on what I learned. I most humbly accepted the challenge she laid down before me, first to finish recapitulating my early traumas and then to keep doing my inner work so that I could always be open and available to not only be her partner, but to fully live life as it was presented and to accept my place in a world that is indeed quite magical!

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Sending you all love and good wishes,

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