#735 A Lesson in Opening

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
If you were to teach people how to be open and available to their personal spirit guides or to you, as I am, what guidance would you offer?

My first lesson in learning to be open to guidance beyond the self would entail learning about the self. A good place to start this process regarding self-exploration is learning how you feel. I don’t mean your opinions, but your feelings of the inner self.

Most often, when one attempts a process of exploration in other realms, the experiences are easily dismissed by the rational self, while indeed the inner self may be quite surprised to find that it is not such a big deal. And the inner self would be right! It is not such a big deal, but one must be able to access the sensitive, tender, and most frightened self first in order to allow the truth of this access to become available.

My first advice is to access the feelings of the inner self by doing heart-centered breathing. In so doing, the hardened self will crack away and the tender self will be exposed, and this is the self who we guides are most interested in. The tender, sensitive self, whom you keep perhaps protected from the world, must not be kept secret from your own self.

If one is to begin a process of opening the heart one must commit also to a process of trial and error but also studiousness. I suggest a few minutes a day be set aside to sit calmly and do some heart-centered breathing. Set the intent to break through the surface of the frightened and rigid self, with the main purpose being, first and foremost, to access the real self. This is enough of a beginning.

Do not wish for too much. Do not wish for more than you can handle. Do not wish for a big jolt of energy from your spirit guide, for you may not be able to handle it. Begin with seeking a means of starting a small practice of inner centering, breathing, and shedding of the rational mind.

Seek impeccability in this endeavor alone, five minutes at a time, and see if you find a moment of utter quiet within the self. This is what you seek, simply a moment of utter calm tenderness and stirrings of love for the self, so that you may find your way back to this same spot again and again. Begin with that!

Thank you Jeanne!

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Most fondly and humbly offered.

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