#704 Stay Centered, Focused & Detached

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What is the challenge that we must all face this week? We seem to be energetically dealing with a lot of restless energy and although I know very little about astrology I do know that the full moon, a phase we are in now, generally offers some intense energy shifts. So, what advice do you offer us as we step into this new week?

The challenge that all must face this week will be to stay centered, focused, and detached while outside energy attempts a major coup.

You note, correctly, the restlessness of this time, and although it may attempt to draw the impatient side out of you, I advise closing the doors of the self to the impact of this draw. Restlessness itself must not become a motivator, but it can be used wisely if centered balance is maintained. In order to use such energy for betterment, I suggest turning inward to a reminder of your personal plan, your greater purpose, and your eventual goal in life.

Restlessness may be used creatively. It may be channeled into meaningful activity if it remains focused inward, but such practical usage of it requires turning away from that which comes from outside, for it carries upon its back much that you do not need.

Be aware of your inner focus now as you begin this week. Find your calm center and return to it often. Within this calm center place your mantras, your intentions for the week, and anchor yourself in them today, and continually throughout the week, in order to remain firmly set in your personal energy.

For all practical purposes, outside energy is to be avoided at this time. That is my firm contention at this energetic time. Inwardly you will find all you need, especially if you find yourself greatly attached to the outside energy for whatever reason. If this is so in your case, understand that you are attached to it because you are being strongly urged to turn away from it! By turning inward you will not be avoiding anything, but in fact using its restless power to more forcefully anchor yourself, allowing it to push you more firmly in an inward direction.

Practice detachment throughout the week. Go with the flow of your inner energy rather than the pull of the outer energy. Find your true calm flow, attach to it, and do not let go of it for long, as you ride the energy of this, indeed, restless time.

There are many storms brewing. There are many enticing outer activities planned, presented, and popping up for your entertainment, but I suggest that you attend to your inner self in asking for guidance. Your inner energy will tell you how to handle it.

Do not feel obligated to honor non-growth oriented activities. Of course, play is always a necessary aspect of life, but I suggest, in this coming week, that a more serious attitude be adopted. A time of confrontation, if successfully handled, may lead to a much-needed shift and this is what you must attempt. This is what you are always attempting: to gain in awareness of energy, and to learn how the self handles it, so that you may shift and gain a new perspective on your personal life and your world at large. This is what you are being presented with now: the option to remain innerly attached to the energy of self and outerly detached from being drawn into restless and non-productive activities, using the energy to advance.

It’s not really that hard to do. It just involves staying focused on the one task at hand and that is, as always, inner growth.

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