#666 Take a Personal Energy Day

Jan Ketchel channeling Jeanne Marie Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today is the ides of March and to quote Shakespeare in Julius Caesar: “Beware the ides of March.” I have always felt this to be a high energy day and today is no exception. Sometimes it has felt like a day of dangerous energy and other times, like today, it feels like if you could tap into the energy that you could really use it as a catalyst and go far. I am writing this early in the morning. It is still dark and quiet outside; even the birds have not begun to stir. What would you like to talk about today, Jeanne, this energy that I feel? Or is there something else that you feel will be helpful to your many readers as we begin this new day and this new week?

Do not forget, as you go about your day and get involved in the progression of life upon that earth that you are absolutely available to not only feel the energy outside of you, but to tap into it as well. Today, I speak of this ability in relationship to the energy outside of you, felt so deeply inside of you; though even this may not be noticed as you, My Many Readers, jump into a new busy workweek.

It is possible, with a little anchoring, to redirect your attention throughout your day to how you are feeling inside the self. And by this, I mean deeply inside the self. For this is where you have the ability to notice, to perceive, and even to utilize the energy that is indeed quite available for your use, that is quite helpful and that, if you can tap into it, may reveal just what you need to know at this time in your life.

This is a time of shift, as Jan perceives, but this is also a time of dubious energy, for shift comes in many forms. Shift can come in tidal waves that overtake and swallow one up in unwanted energy. Shift can come in soft and gentle breezes that stir the unconscious awake and assert that prospects are good. Shift can come during sleep so that you wake up feeling different yet unaware of how such a change occurred, for your conscious self did slumber through the time of shift.

Shift can also come when you least expect it and when you are only half prepared for it. Consider, however, that no matter how shift occurs, and in what form it comes to you, that you are ready for it, though you may protest quite heartily at such an idea. I will always contend that you are indeed ready for what comes to you, for what happens to you without your controls and desires coming into play. For you pull toward you, energetically, exactly what you need so that your life will proceed in a direction of growth and awakening.

Whether or not you want to wake up, though, is truly up to you. You are the only one who can decide whether or not you are going to perceive the events in your life as meaningful awakenings. And then, you are the only one in your life who makes the choice to accept these awakenings as either happy challenges or as devastating calamities. You may see them as both good and dangerously necessary events, or you may see them as bad occurrences yet as most precipitous and meaningful as well. How you accept what comes to you in your life will largely depend on where you are, how much inner work you have done, and what you have been able to hold onto as you have learned about the self, the journey you are on, and about how energy works.

I suggest that a special day of contemplation of energy is not a bad thing. A special day of listening to the inner self is not a bad thing. A special day of really allowing the self to feel the energy and find out what it personally means in your own life, at this moment in time, is not at all a bad thing to do. Today, for instance, or really any day this week would be energetically appropriate for such a task. Choose a day this week and set it aside as your personal energy day. Take a personal day, and this does not need to be a day away from your normal activities, but a day of personal intent nonetheless. A day of personal intent would look something like this:

1. You wake up and ascribe a mantra to the self, i.e.: “Today is my day of personal intent to feel the energy,” or something like that. This will be your reminder, to say throughout the day, as you go about your daily routines. You can say this as little as three times or as often as six, but do not obsess about it. Simply use it to remind yourself that you are electing to re-anchor in your feelings on this day.

2. And what will you do with yourself once you have anchored? You will calm yourself for a moment with some calming breaths —perhaps heart-centered breathing— and you will allow yourself to feel the energy that is pulsing through you, through your physical body. Describe this energy to yourself, and then take another breath and go deeper into your inner energy, and describe again those deeper feelings. Do this to three or more levels, each time going deeper, depending on how much time you can take out of your day. You may only have time to touch briefly inside the energy of the self, or you may have time to go very deep. Be assured that just the act of doing this inner check with the self will offer a shift in your treatment of the self, in your perspectives, in your feelings, and in your perception of what you are really feeling. Say that you are feeling rushed and a little stressed, but as you breathe and go deeper into the self you may find a pool of inner calm energy quite different from what you have been experiencing. Each time you drop back into that calm pool you will take a little more of that calmness out into your world with you, and this will allow you to actually experience your outer world differently.

3. The next part of the process of this personal intent to feel the inner energy of self is to take a look at your outer world from this inner place, to really see it from this deeper perspective, to look with detachment, impersonal detachment, as if it were not your world at all, but someone else’s entirely. From this impersonal perspective you may see something differently. You may even see your whole world as quite a scene, quite a play, and you may gain insight and reconciliation of issues that you have not before been able to gain clarity on.

4. As you allow yourself the pleasure of removal from your world, as you do this technique of energy removal from your outer world into your inner world, your next step is to notice just how the outer energy has been affecting your inner energy. Are you in synch with the outer energy, flowing quite easily with it? Or are you struggling with it, fighting it, or overwhelmed by it? Notice what is happening. This is a very important point to become aware of. How is your inner energy reacting to the outer energy? You may notice what is going on and feel it quite easily, or you may only feel it lightly. You may feel that your circumstances do not allow you to notice this interaction, but I contend that in momentary calm you will be able to discern how you have been reacting to the energy outside of you. If you find this difficult to figure out, take that as your answer, that you have been reacting obliviously, and that is the truth of your attention to how the outer energy affects you. And so be it.

And now you are ready to learn something about the self through this little exercise. You are ready to learn how very subtly, or even how abruptly, your personal energy is affected each day by the energy outside of you. Assume, as Jan states, that today is a high energy day. Are you going to allow it to take over and send you off on a wild goose chase, simply because if offers such wild opportunity? Or are you going to tap into its energy in a meaningful way, by studying it, balancing it with your inner place of energy, and use it to further your self on your journey, both inner and outer. Good energy is good to tap into, but with practicing how best to use it in your awakening process is a very good way to use it meaningfully.

So, a day of personal intent to use the energy to gain a new perspective in order to grow is not a bad idea at all! By studying this process within the self, by working with it, you will gain the ability to automatically tune into the energy outside of you, ascertain how it personally feels and how to personally use it. You will gain inner balance and outer balance and clarity of inner self and outer energy, so that stability may be achieved.

Growth will happen, progress will happen, change will happen, and a new perspective will be gained as you learn to utilize the energy that comes from without on such a day and such a week as this. For in this assessment that Jan makes, she is feeling the energy of change. Now comes the hard part. How is she, and how are you, going to tap into it for good personal use?

Intend it, feel it, step back and gain perspective, and then balance with it; and know that you can always do this simply by reestablishing your intent to do so. Enjoy the process!

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