#628 A Third Place of Being

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Today we have a question from an old friend of yours who is studying at The Jung Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. I must say that this will be quite a test of my channeling abilities because I know little or nothing about the subject he queries you on. Here is his note addressed to you, followed by his question:

Dear Jeanne, greetings from your old world friend to you in your world beyond. My question involves the psychoid nature of the archetypes, the connection between psyche and matter as often experienced through synchronicity. Although we experience synchronicity constantly, the theoretical basis for this phenomenon is not well understood. The following question that I put forth to the I Ching, I kindly ask you to answer. I am seeking to take the next step from experiencing synchronicity to understanding its theoretical basis. Many philosophers and psychologists believe that it is not possible to establish this link, but I believe that it is and ask your kind assistance. Thank you, Donald.

QUESTION: How can man use his knowledge of analytical psychology and modern physics to develop and confirm a theoretical basis for the psychoid aspect of the archetypes?

Greetings in return, My Old Friend! First you must be reminded that the mind of man is limited by what he puts into it, by his age, his propensity for accumulating data and information, and the fact that headstrongly overloaded synapses will only tolerate so much pressure. Taking the limits of the mind into consideration, I suggest that the next step is to allow for an expanded mind, a releasing of thoughts and ideas from doctrine and formulations, allowing for super consciousness to guide one. I encourage, as we take this journey today, leaving the head resting upon your pillow and allowing the body to relax as the subconscious takes a little journey. You are fully aware of the ability of the psyche to experience outside of the mind, outside of the limited conjuring mind that must, by its very nature, remain limited. In order to truly experience synchronicities, innerly and outerly, one must resort to a third place of being, out of body and out of mind.

This third place of being is synonymous with the psychoid state, though until it is truly experienced, many times over, will not be understood. Until the scientific mindset releases its hold, the third place of being will merely be an enigma, little understood, dismissed perhaps for its lack of measurable data.

I invite you, Don and my many readers, to enter this third state or place of being by releasing the thinking mind and finding the self in no place, no now, no body, no thoughts, no grounding, no familiarity, to in fact enter another world beyond the normal everyday world.

In allowing the self to release from the known, by asking the self to trust the universe (so full of synchronistic magic), one offers the self access to another world where the scientific studies of man may be resolved in an instant, simply by experiencing something that has nothing to do with connecting or linking the ideas of man with the ideas of the physical world but truly links all worlds. This involves allowing the self to trust the greater interconnectedness of all things, the facts of energy, of illusion, of matter as energy, of self as energy, of thought as energy, of the world around you as energy and merely created for the process of intellectual study leading to the discovery of all beings, and everything in that world, as energetic components of the same thing: nothing but energy.

I am sorry to keep using the same word, but to say energy is to indeed encompass all things. Now, your contention that energetically all things are connected is indeed my own truth, but such knowledge has been more fully gained as I entered my own state of energy. In life upon that earth I did explore beyond the frailness of the human body, yet did I not attain the fuller truths of all things as energy until I departed that life.

I observe that man, in his fears, limits himself to what the mind is capable of detecting, what the instruments he invents can measure, what mathematics can define and calculate as possible; man’s mind limits experience to only that which his mind is capable of. Expansion of mind is required to not only imagine the greater interconnectedness of all things, but the nothingness of all things as well, which is the energetic purity of all things.

I hope I am not being too confusing. I find that life upon that earth will remain set, defined, and unexplored if man remains bound only by what his mind is capable of connecting together. Beyond the mind lies the greater universe and it is only in experience of this greater universe, with its endlessness, its nothingness that encompasses infinity, that everything that one may achieve understanding of exists, including how synchronicities appear. I suggest that your dear mind, though it struggles to analyze and discover the connection to the phenomena of synchronicities in the universe, must allow for a greater openness to the third place of being in order to fully comprehend the meaning of the interconnectedness of all things.

In conclusion, I wish to state that all who exist upon that earth are fully capable of not only experiencing synchronicities on a daily basis, of experiencing the interconnectedness of all things, of the psychoid aspects of the archetypes as you describe it, but that all beings are fully capable of causing them as well. By energetic intent, all things are possible. By the existence of and by the trust in the existence of a third place of being, one is capable of not only experiencing the energy of infinity but of becoming the energy of infinity while remaining in body and mind upon that earth plane.

The intent of energy is constant. It is interconnected whether man is aware of it or not. It is constantly in flux, in motion, in a vibratory state of awareness. This is the truth of all things, all events, happenings, thoughts, ideas, managed by the mind or otherwise. When mankind allows experience to become his self-analytical tool his universe will more fully allow for the third place of being to become acceptable as a true measure of learning and knowledge.

My Dear Don, I commend you for your work, your exploration, your own ability to flow gently into a new world of thought as you take your new adventure in life. I invite you to leave that world a little more often, to explore the third place of being. It might just be where you need to go, as so many have gone before you, where your scientific mind might just experience things it cannot describe in theoretical terms, already laid out. It might allow for experiences of the interconnectedness of all things, indescribable and known by the facts of experience alone.

The third place of being, the great interconnected web of energy of all things, known and unknown, the world of everything and nothing, awaits!

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