#627 Pool of Serenity

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us as regards the energy of now?

Continue to process your outer world in an innerly fashion, sensibly and calmly awaiting your inner responses to that which is offered outside of you, pushing you to mature and grow. Do not dismiss the world around you, for it shows you your own reality in some form. Do not act hastily, or in anger, sadness, regret, or passivity, but take your challenges to your inner place of work and study them for what you need to learn. Approach resolution from this place of learning.

You are all there upon that earth to learn. What are you supposed to learn about the self today? Are you judgmental? Are you quick to anger and quick to decide between right and wrong, with little compassion? Are you so fraught with indecision and passive aggression that you continually sabotage your own life? Do you refuse the call to slow down and listen to your heart’s discontent, or to its contentment?

There is a significant degree of inner calm that when achieved will easily lead you forward with right action, reaction, and decision making. That degree of calm is already known to you, but it is up to you to continually return to it so that its pool of knowing becomes your favorite resting place, more easily achieved each time you retreat there. It is extremely useful in your inner work and in dealing with your outer world to be able to turn to its serenity before action is taken. From a place of serenity and calm, decisions will be different, actions more right, compassion more actual, and your flow through life more apparent.

Use the powers that lie within the self to lead you inwardly to this pool of serenity. Find it once again. Stay with your feet dipping into it even as you must walk into your outer world and deal with its difficulties, challenges, and the mundane normality of it. Remain connected to your calm pool of serenity, picturing it, feeling it, knowing it as your inner place of balance and compassionate integrity. Act from this place and you will change with the energy that now builds to a new high, with a new shift in sight on the horizon. Respond to it from this pool of serenity and see what happens.

2 thoughts on “#627 Pool of Serenity”

  1. At first I didn’t think I had a specific comment that related to today’s message, just that I wanted to comment on the welcome enhancement of having links to comments available in the navigator pane. But over the last hour or two of reviewing my day and looking within, i realize that I have found a special meaning in conjunction to this message..

    Sunday night I watched Michael Moore’s “Sicko” for the first time on dvd and was struck by it’s message on several levels. Most disturbing was the fear that no one is safe from the vampires of the medical insurance business. Another injustice in the world to challenge us, right?

    But recently I’ve had something nagging at me for my attention, like preposterous things that happen in a dream, trying to make you aware that you are dreaming. When faced with the possibility of realizing that I’m dreaming, I’ve found myself wondering, “ok, so then what?” Should I then take advantage of that awareness by flying around or something? That doesn’t seem meaningful to me.. Instead, today I found within my self the realization that in this waking dream fear is a vampire who tries to posses me and entice me to join it’s ranks. The nagging tries to impress upon me that in this waking dream, just as when Buddha and Jesus were tempted by illusion, that even though these things exist in the world, they do not stand between us and the love and forgiveness that is our true nature if we do not attach. Let go of what stands in the way of truly knowing our self. Let unconditional love take the place of fear.

    Tonight I nodded out in my living room with the radio on and woke to a beautiful song called “Old Soul” being performed by Thea Gilmore (you can hear it on her MySpace page, http://www.myspace.com/theagilmore, the ninth of ten songs on the right..). It speaks of searching for an old soul, and reminded me of how there are so many songs that touch our hearts concerning the search for love in our lives. As I thought more about it in light of the lessons that I’ve been presented with in this life, I came to accept as my truth the realization that the true lover we long for is within and that being able to embrace our self with all the love and tenderness we long to give to the lover in our dreams is the only real fulfillment of that need. We find the pool of serenity rather than eternal longing.

    When we are able to forgive our self all things and fully accept our self as deserving of our tenderest love, the door is opened to all and the illusion of separation breaks down. We will no longer have guilt and fear to project upon the world around us.

    Or so it seems to me.. in my dream.

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