#624 You are the Choice Maker

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us today?

It is time to become fully responsible, holding the self accountable for all actions, progress, transgressions, and life’s unfolding. By accepting responsibility for your own life, every moment of it, you offer your self the gift of freedom of choice. Freedom of choice comes only with the fact of ownership of every aspect of self, unbeholden to others. By becoming fully responsible for the past, present, and future self, your power, spent aimlessly in the pursuit of outer recognition and blame, will return to its rightful place as your own trusty energy.

I advise much contemplation and absolution, it at all possible, over the next few days. I advise inward turning and inward acceptance of the self, of life’s events and problems, of all that now plagues you, for only in fully accepting the self will you resolve the issues of power and responsibility. Only in truly owning every aspect of the self will you advance, truly advance, in your soul’s journey upon that earth.

Are you feeling lost, stuck, uncertain, unsure of where to go next, what to do with your life, who to turn to? I advise turning inward for the answers to these and all other questions that may arise or that may remain brewing beneath the surface of your awareness, as yet unknown. Only in delving inward will you discover your answers, in the truthful speak of the inner self.

In order to do this deep inner work, this self-contemplation, you must be aware that it is necessary. You must accept your own role in your life as the most powerful one, fully responsible and fully in control. Control of your life and resolution of the problems in your life come from inside you, rarely from outside. Your outer world merely reflects your needs, desires, and issues, aiding you, offering you means of progress, teaching you what you must learn and in other ways showing you the possibilities that life offers. But, and this is the most important aspect of responsibility and control, you are the choice maker and by your choices will you grow, both externally upon that earth and internally upon your soul’s journey.

This is a time of forceful energy as it begins to build over the next few weeks, offering you the option of turning inward or turning outward. The old habits will attempt to override your inner process. The outer draws will be great. The inner process will remain calmly waiting for your return to its work on the self. Keep always in mind that each choice you make over the next time of energetic building is one that you alone must make. You are responsible. You are fully in control. You are powerful. Seek to use these most cherishable and energetic gifts. Seek growth.

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