#625 Though Reality is Otherwise

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
Do you have a message for us, for your readers, and for all of humanity on this Christmas Day?

My wish is for the blanket of spiritual awakening
to spread over the entire earth,
though reality is otherwise.

I wish for joy and peace,
health and stability, feast and fairness,
for all beings,
though reality is otherwise.

I wish for the breath of life to become
most strongly imbued
with gentleness and calmness,
with energetic awareness and truth,
with the realization of the interconnectedness of all things,
though reality is otherwise.

I wish to speak of love and beauty upon that earth,
of the sense of belonging permeating all beings,
of the specialness of one to another
beyond all boundaries and all personal agendas,
though reality is otherwise.

I wish to invite the people of the world
and all the nations of the world
to lay down their arms,
to drop their arguments,
to forget their disputes,
and turn to one another in recognition
of the energetic disposition of all beings,
though reality is otherwise.

On this day, I invite you
to think deeply upon the self,
upon the judgments and postures,
the ideas and thoughts
that keep all of you isolated and separate,
friendless and distant,
though a different reality exists.

I invite you to reconsider your beliefs,
your premises of the meaning of existence,
and your ultimate goals in life
and find that different reality.

I invite you all to shift from focus
on the needs of one nation
and instead focus on the true needs
of each individual upon that earth
to exist as you desire,
no more privileged and no less poverty stricken
than you wish to be,
and find that reality is individually based,
not mass based or based on the strengths
of one nation over another.

I wish to invite you
to become known as a being of energy,
living in a different reality
where all beings are given admiration,
respect, and love,
simply for the fact that they exist
and their lives are equally meaningful
no matter their circumstances
or their position in the world.

I wish to invite you into humbleness of spirit,
into a new season of awareness
based on this humility that exists
at the base of a different reality,
in the current energy that runs through you all
and presents you with your humble truths,
your humble lies and your humble problems,
your humble accomplishments,
your humble arguments,
your humble posturing,
with your humble self who exists
beneath the presentation
of life all around you.
I invite you to become humble citizens of a new reality,
though a different reality exists.

A time of shift approaches
where every single individual upon that earth
has the opportunity to accept
the blanket of spiritual awakening
as a new reality;
to humbly accept the awareness of self
as no more or less than every other self
(individual) upon that earth;
for all are comprised of energy,
humbleness, and truth.

These aspects must now be made known
and outerly expressed for a new reality
to accompany the blanket of awareness
that does not cover the truth,
but clearly reveals it,
exposing all that it must make known,
asking for participation
so that humbleness and love for all
may now advance upon that earth
over greed, corruption, and deceit.

This is a Christmas to recognize as different,
for it does not meet the old standards.
The times upon that earth
do not breed good will to all men
and this is the truth of now,
but that is only because such sentiments
are based in a world of untruths,
of pretend, and of greed.

A new world is on the horizon.
Do you wish to partake in it,
to move forward into humble acceptance of the self
and all others who exist upon that earth,
even the most hateful and despicable,
as necessary and equal?
This is the challenge of a new world
as the blanket of awareness drops its clarity of vision
and its energetic intent upon the world stage.

Though the reality of now is different,
it does not need to stay stuck.
A new opportunity is offered to each one of you.
Your humbleness is being invited outwardly.
A new expression of humanity
is being enticed into reality
and that has the potential to truly change the world.

Merry Humble Christmas to All!

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