#623 Like a Leaf Upon the Breeze

Jeanne Marie Ketchel
Channeled by Jan Ketchel

Dear Jeanne,
What message do you have for humanity today?

This is a time of shift, yet is it up to each one of you to engage in it, to partake of the opportunities that arise to further you along. You exist as a leaf upon a tree. When the winds come, when the time is right, you will be buffeted and loosened, knocked from your connection and sent swirling down from your perch. Will you allow the breeze to lift you and carry you afar on your true journey? Will you fall to the mulchy ground beneath the tree of life and merge with the undergrowth? Will you sit silently awaiting the call to move on, stumbling along the ground, a leaf on the wind that has come to carry you?

Your lives upon that earth are energetically spurred, attached, and set up so that you have many opportunities in a lifetime to awaken, become aware, and move on to new life. New life comes in many forms, both subtle and forceful, engagingly enticing and fearfully alerting, yet do you always have the option to flow or not to flow. Even the tiniest leaf upon the ground may tumble but an inch before it hunkers down among the dead and dying mulching leaves, electing no more engagement in adventure.

Do you see what I am proposing to you today? I am in the mood to suggest that awakening opportunities are present in every moment of every day. Even if you are buffeted by the wind, a leaf upon the breeze, are you aware that this is so? Are you aware of your journey, your own energy, and the energy outside of you pushing you along? Do you feel controlled by your life? Are you unaware that you have total control, if only you would wake up and engage in the energy that is not only present in your life but fully necessary, previously arranged so that you might grow?

Each one of you upon that earth has the opportunity to awaken at any moment to the flow of your life, on an energetic scale, as part of all energy, meant to be, but also eager to exist, if only you will allow for it. This is the final question I pose to you today: Can you allow your self to fully exist, as an energetic being on a mission of growth and evolution, energetically propelled and engaged? You are all energy beings. You are all capable of more fully engaging the energy around you.

During this time of shift and great potential for human growth, perhaps you will energetically protest your usual routines, habits, thoughts, behaviors, ideas, and rituals, and reengage in the fresh new energy that is calling you, asking you to notice what is really happening inside of you and outside of you. Find out how you are really feeling. State you truths and live by them. Decide to use the energy for a real shift and you will be supported greatly in your endeavors.

Find your calmness, your balance, your heart-centered goodness, and lift the edge of your awareness out of the place where you are caught and like a leaf upon the breeze allow your self to travel some place new, without fear, open to the journey ahead.

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